A warm welcome to this website!

I’d like to bid you a warm welcome to this website of our community. A website with the explicit goal to enhance interaction. Interaction between members, between members and the board of management and between the AVN and other astrological communities.

A website that has been revived and that brightly sparkles and addresses its readers.

The AVN (Dutch Astrological Association)is the largest and eldest association of practicing astrologers in the Netherlands. The AVN has been founded om the 17th of December 1998 and was the result of a fusion of the Dutch Association of Practicing Astrologers (NGPA, founded in 1977) and the Association of Medical Astrologers. The AVN is a professional association aiming to unite astrologers who work in accordance with the skills requirements set by the association. The AVN strives for the acknowledgement of those astrologers, affiliated with our professional association, acting as counselor for those who require astrological advise.

The AVN offers room and a home for several astrological streams or schools. Four of them also manifest on our homepage: Vedic astrology, Classic astrology, Psychological astrology and Black Lights astrology. These four are the current mainstreams, each with its own approach of the astrological consultation yet with comparable results. It pleases me that that our four main currents have gotten a prominent place on the homepage and within the structure of the website.

Esoteric astrology has not been mentioned as mainstream, nevertheless has the attention of a good number of our astrologers.

Within the streams or schools astrologers have a specialism, e.g. consultations specifically for children, the business world or health and therapy and so forth. These specialisms are mentioned on the astrologers personal space

The AVN has a very high opinion of het practicing members. The header “Vereniging” will make this clear. On this site you will find good and trustworthy astrologers who are very capable. We invite you to make your own selection. Should that be hard of difficult for any reason please feel free to contact us (contact)

For deliberate reasons this site is not bilingual. Should you as a visitor require any assistance or have a wish for further assistance feel free to oblige us.

Menno Noordervliet

Chairman AVN.